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Sheri Few: Televangelist Or Political Candidate?




Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: We don’t care who wins the race to become S.C. Superintendent of Education.

Why not? The office is pointless. Academic policy for the state’s worst-in-the-nation government-run school system is set by the S.C. General Assembly – with budget and administrative authority delegated to local school boards.

The state superintendent, therefore, is useful only inasmuch as they engage the bully pulpit … and from what we can tell, none of the announced candidates for this office are committed to doing so on behalf of the long-overdue free market reforms South Carolina desperately needs to implement

So we’re politely covering this race’s entries, exits and “important” announcements … but doing our best to ignore it editorially.

“When reading my Bible this week, I came across a verse that gave me revelation about asking for your financial support,” Few wrote.

Wait … what?

For those of you not hip to Pharisee-speak, Few is saying that God told her to ask you for campaign donations … on Facebook.

“I know you work hard and if you give of the proceeds of your labor, we become partners in this battle for the minds of children,” Few continued. “Make no mistake, this is a battle between good and evil and we must protect the little ones with whom we are entrusted.”

Take a look …


Of course Few wants her disciples to cough up the cash by a specific date …

“I hope I can count on your financial support before March 31st, which is the financial disclosure deadline,” Few adds. “I need to show a strong cash position when these reports are publicized. Thank you and may God bless you as you give, and as we become partners in this struggle for the little ones!”

Sheesh …

Pander much?

Few’s entire campaign is based on a crusade against the federal government’s Common Core standards – which we also oppose. We also agree with Few that parochial schools should play a much broader role in South Carolina’s academic universe.

Having said that, we don’t believe the solution to poor standards in the government-run system (and a shameful lack of choice outside that system) is to be achieved by “better” government – we believe that solution is found in the marketplace.

We also don’t believe there is any place for religious pandering in political campaigns or government offices.

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