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We’re Still Trying To Overthrow Cuba?



1961 CALLED …

The federal government used a $3 billion a year international HIV prevention program to foment dissent and recruit Cuban revolutionaries, according to an explosive new report from The Associated Press.

The goal?  Overthrowing the nation’s communist regime – something they’ve been trying to do for the last fifty-four years.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – which is responsible for the anti-HIV program – inserted numerous young Central Americans into Cuba under humanitarian pretenses, the AP report reveals.  Their real goal?  “To generate a network of volunteers for social transformation,” according to a government document obtained by the wire service.

And according to that document, HIV prevention programs offered these young operatives “the perfect excuse” to recruit dissenters.

Wow …

The federal government’s efforts to influence the thinking of the Cuban people have become downright comical.  Last year we picked up on the story of AeroMarti – a multi-million dollar program in which pro-American propaganda (99 percent of which is jammed) is beamed from airplanes into the island nation.

More recently, USAID was busted creating a fake Cuban social media network called ZunZuneo – which was also intended to foment political dissent.  In fact the stated goal of the program was to induce a “Cuban Spring” in which mass protests would “renegotiate the balance of power between the state and society.”

Sheesh …

This website has consistently opposed the provision of foreign aid from U.S. taxpayers – even when it is offered under honest pretenses. It goes without saying this sort of insanity should never be tolerated.