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JetBlue Wants My Feedback




sicBy Will Folks  ||  I’ve been doing a lot of flying back and forth between Charleston, S.C. and Washington, D.C. lately on JetBlue, the Queens, New York-based discount airline that’s been serving the Palmetto State’s Lowcountry since 2012.

How come?  JetBlue recently added a pair of flights that are perfect for politicos looking to spend a day working in or around the nation’s capital – with planes departing at around 7:25 in the morning and returning back to Charleston around 8:30 p.m.

The flights take less than two hours apiece … and if you book two weeks in advance you can find fares as low as $49.  Next day fares can often be found as low as $156.

That’s what the Nappy Roots call “Ballin’ on a Budget,” yo.

I like JetBlue.  They’re not paying me to like them, nor am I hitting them up for advertising (yet) – but I like them.  Their planes are clean, their stewardesses (or whatever the politically correct term for stewardesses is these days) are friendly, their nut-free cookies are absolutely delicious and they serve coffee straight from Dunkin’ Donuts.  They’ve even got little televisions on the back of the seats you can watch if you get bored.

Oh, and if you’re still a little kid who loves to stare out the window, you can’t beat the view …

(Click to enlarge)


Most importantly?  Unlike the sardine-cramped US Airways flights from Columbia, S.C. metropolitan airport, there’s plenty of legroom on JetBlue’s Embraer 190s … of course Midlands travelers should factor in at least an hour and forty-five minutes for the drive down to the Lowcountry (or use the trip as excuse to spend the evening before they travel in Charleston).

Anyway, add it all up and JetBlue gets an enthusiastic “thumbs up” from this passenger …