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The “Maryland Mob” Has Some Serious Work To Do




Recently we wrote about Martin O’Malley – the uber-liberal governor of Maryland who is aspiring to challenge presumed nominee Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nod.

It wasn’t a good article, either … but that’s not our fault.  O’Malley fell asleep during a meeting.   We had to poke fun at him.  Just as we had to mock his state for its anti-competitive assault on the Second Amendment.

Anyway … O’Malley can take comfort in the fact that despite our best efforts to improve his name identification in early-voting South Carolina, home to the nation’s “First in the South” presidential primaries, he’s still an unknown commodity.

According to Gallup polling released earlier this month, a whopping 69 percent of Democrats (and Democratic-leaning “independents”) have never heard of O’Malley – compared to 9 percent who view him favorably, 7 percent who view him unfavorably and 15 percent who have heard of him but have no opinion.

That makes O’Malley the least-known of the 2016 Democratic contenders – a field paced by Clinton, vice president Joe Biden, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

In fact O’Malley’s name recognition trails Warren – who a virtual unknown compared to Clinton or Biden – by a whopping thirty percentage points.

We’ve written previously on efforts by the “Maryland Mob” – a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, O’Malley, Chris Van Hollen, et. al. – to position O’Malley as a viable presidential contender (at Clinton’s expense).  Clearly they’ve got their work cut out for them.

In fact their efforts remind us of a certain Air Supply song …

You know, if we listened to Air Supply (which we don’t … honestly).

Anyway … we suspect O’Malley will go over like a fart in church in South Carolina, where support for the Second Amendment (and other Amendments O’Malley wants to trample over) remains strong.

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