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ISIS: Heads Will Roll




America’s “allies” in the fight to depose Syrian president Bashar al-Assad continued their rampage through the northern part of the country last week, taking control of a military base and beheading dozens of Syrian Army soldiers.

“Every government soldier they capture they execute immediately,” one observer noted.

Soldiers with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – a.k.a. the best buddies with U.S. “war godsJohn McCain and Lindsey Graham – began their attack with a pair of suicide bombings on Thursday.  By Friday they had entered the base – and begun their beheadings of the officers and enlisted men they found inside.

At least fifty Syrian Army personnel were beheaded – not unlike the Christian priests executed by Syrian “rebels” a year ago.

ISIS troops – who have benefited from American weapons – now control about a third of the country.  In Iraq, they and their allies control roughly half the country.  Their goal?  To establish a “caliphate” – or radical Islamic government run by a supreme religious and political leader believed to be a successor to the prophet Muhammed.

Syria, of course, is the nation Graham said America must invade immediately – or else Iran would detonate a nuclear device in Charleston harbor.

No really … he said that.  Graham has also pushed for a re-invasion of Iraq.  And an invasion of Iran.  And Pakistan.  And intervention in Ukraine.

McCain and Graham’s argument basically boils down to this:  If American troops don’t go “over there,” then the bad guys will come “over here.”  It’s quaint logic – although it ignores the fact that the “bad guys” are only coming “over here” because we won’t stop invading their countries.

Seriously … if ISIS takes complete control over Iraq (demolishing the “puppet” government installed by the CIA), should we really expect them to leave the United States alone?  We spent the last decade chasing these people around their own country trying to kill them .

Interestingly, as many as 10,000 outsiders – including many Westerners and some Americans – are fighting alongside ISIS troops in the battle to get rid of al-Assad.  Factions of these fighters are aligned with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – and are rumored to be working with Yemeni terrorists to create a new cell phone bomb that is undetectable by existing airport security devices.

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