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Letter: Cover Upstate Corruption



Dear Editor,

Why are you (appearing to) playing hands-off when it comes to corruption in the Upstate? First, the Simpsonville Police Chief was fired and threatened to sue.  Then, an officer on the force was fired and charged with destroying evidence in a long-standing cold case of murder.  As it turns out this officer was the only officer on patrol when the murder occurred in his jurisdiction.

Then, after an election that changed the balance of power on city council, the fired chief was re-hired and the current chief retained so a new position was created.  Then, the new chief threatened a lawsuit unless his salary was not raised by $20,000 in the upcoming budget.  To top it all off, the sitting Mayor was arrested for threatening a judge and is awaiting trial.

Whether or not any of these trials take place may depend on someone keeping a spotlight on things.

Now, the third in command of the Greenville County Sheriffs Office – a major from Berea – has been fired after his name came up in an FBI investigation.  Just so that you have a little background, most of the major players in the sheriffs office here have roots from the Berea area including the former elected sheriff Sam Simmons who died of a heart attack shortly after winning office in an upset. That made way for the current sheriff to take office.

In case it was before your time he had just worked out at the local YMCA and crashed his car after suffering a heart attack.

Conveniently there was a homicide detective in the car behind him and witnessed the entire event so everything was conveniently wrapped up.

To go further back into history would be pointless but many of the same names that surfaced during Operation Lost Trust, and I don’t mean the black lawmakers that caught the headlines but the bigger names along with lobbyist Ron Cobb are in many ways tied to the ones still pulling the strings in the upstate.

How about working some of these events into your site for the benefit of your readers from the Upstate? The corruption here makes the Midlands look like child’s play.

-Anonymous (please and thanks).



Anon: I assume you are referring to police chief Keith Grounsell and mayor Perry Eichor.  I’m told Eichor wanted to give Grounsell $114,000 in “back pay” for fourteen months.  I’m also told a local woman who protested this proposed payment was arrested.  Sounds like Simpsonville, S.C. is your typical South Carolina small town, where corrupt politicians and crooked cops do as they please while the rest of us pay the freight for their antics.  Please keep FITS in the loop on the various goings-on in that neck of the woods, will you?  And I’ll certainly let you know if this website uncovers anything related to your tips …

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