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South Carolina Workforce Remains At Record Low




For the third straight month, South Carolina’s workforce remained at its lowest level in recorded history … further proof that the “economic miracle” touted by the Palmetto State’s “Jobs Governor” Nikki Haley is nothing but political fiction.

South Carolina’s labor participation rate for the month of May stood at 57.9 percent – same as it was in April and March.

That’s the fourth-worst figure in the country, almost five full percentage points below the national rate of 62.8 percent – which has been hovering at three-decade lows for the past few years.

Only West Virginia (54.2 percent), Mississippi (55.8 percent) and Alabama (56.7 percent) have lower percentages of their working age populations currently employed.

When Haley took office, the state’s labor participation rate stood at 60.4 percent – but it has been falling precipitously ever since (despite a flood of “jobs” announcements purchased with hundreds of millions of taxpayer-funded incentives).

In addition to the diminutive size of the state’s workforce, there are also serious questions emerging about its skill … especially at the Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in North Charleston, which is held out by Haley and others as the crown jewel of the state’s command economy.