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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has signed legislation permitting more than a dozen counties to raise taxes by more than $1.7 billion.

Haley signed the bill into law this week after the S.C. Senate was able to shut down a filibuster mounted by fiscally conservative Upstate Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson).

In signing the bill, Haley said she hoped local governments would not raise taxes.

“I hope that those affected by this bill will decide not to impose this additional tax,” Haley said in a statement. “A more complex tax code with higher rates is an impediment to a growing economy and works at cross-purposes with our successful efforts to reduce taxes at the state level, which have contributed to the steadily growing economy in our state.”


Successful efforts to cut taxes ?” That’s a lie.

Growing economy in our state ?” Also, a lie.

More to the point … if Haley doesn’t want these local governments passing anti-competitive tax hikes, why the hell didn’t she just veto the bill?

Haley’s rationale?  The principle of “home rule.”

“Shouldn’t counties be allowed to set their own tax rates?” one of our libertarian friends wrote to us shortly after reading a piece outlining our original opposition to this tax hike.

Our founding editor’s response?  Fiscally conservative elected officials should “fight tax hikes at every level of government with every tool at (their) disposal.”

After all, fiscally liberal elected officials are fighting to raise taxes with every tool at their  disposal …