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Nikki Haley Must Veto $1.7 Billion Tax Hike




Fiscal conservatives are urging Gov. Nikki Haley to veto a State Senate bill that would permit more than a dozen county governments to raise taxes on their citizens by more than $1.7 billion.

S.C. Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) filibustered the authorizing legislation for the tax hikes last week – but his colleagues in the fiscally liberal chamber eventually mustered the votes necessary to sit him down.  Sadly, there was just too much special interest money (most of it from companies that will benefit from the tax hike) pushing the measure for a filibuster to succeed.

As a result the legislation is now sitting on the desk of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – who is expected to either sign it into law or (more likely) permit it to become law without her signature.  The latter option is basically the same thing as the former, except cowardly.

Tea Party activists are stepping up their opposition to the legislation – demanding Haley veto it prior to it becoming law.

“Our only hope is for Governor Haley to veto this bill,” Talbert Black of the Palmetto Liberty political action committee (PAC) wrote in an email to his supporters. “Call her office today and demand that she veto what would likely be the largest tax increase for South Carolina in decades.”

Wait … call her office ?

Doesn’t Black know Haley doesn’t like that?

Seriously, though … we know Haley is afraid to use her veto pen to cut government, but this is an opportunity for her to restore a little bit of the credibility she’s lost with fiscal conservatives.

Will she take it? Or will she  – as she’s done in the past – watch the pitch go by?

For the past four years Haley has shown practically zero allegiance to South Carolina taxpayers – which is especially disappointing because she was generally a consistent vote on behalf of taxpayers during her six years in the S.C. General Assembly.

What happened to Haley?  We don’t know … but it’s about time she rediscovered her roots.

UPDATE: Well so much for that … Haley has signed the tax hike option into law.