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If You Want To Vote …




South Carolinians looking to vote in the upcoming Republican and Democratic primary elections would be wise to take steps to get registered – or update their voter information in case they’ve moved or changed their name.

How come? Because this Saturday (May 10, 2014) is the registration deadline for citizens wishing to cast ballots in the June 10, 2014 primary elections.

“Having an accurate voter record helps ensure a voter’s eligibility to vote in an election,” S.C. Election Commission (SCEC) executive director Marci Andino said in a statement. “It also reduces the potential for delays in the sign-in process at polling places – and that can have a significant impact on wait time for all voters.”

Andino says voters can get all the information they need at the SCEC’s official website –

In fact our founding editor – who recently moved from the corrupt “Mayorhood” of Columbia, S.C. out to the suburbs – is planning on giving the site a test drive.

Of course as we encourage all South Carolinians to get more involved in the process of choosing their leaders (staring with registering to vote/ updating their voter information), we would be remiss not to make mention of the dearth of quality candidates on the ballot in both major parties – starting with Nikki Haley and Vincent Sheheen, the “Republican” and Democratic gubernatorial nominees, respectively.

Seriously … it’s downright embarrassing the sort of people who appear on the ballot in this state.

More to the point, we would be remiss not to remind readers of the lengths to which this state’s corrupt leaders will go in advancing their tax-and-spend ideology. We’re referring, of course, to the infamous 2012 “Richland County Robbery” – in which a local election board flat out stole $1.2 billion from county residents in a rigged election that has yet to be properly investigated.

We’re not saying all of that means you shouldn’t vote … (well, unless you live in Richland County) … we’re simply saying your involvement in the process shouldn’t begin and end at the voting booth.

Oh … one other thing worth noting: While the voter registration deadline for next month’s partisan primary elections is May 10, the deadline for the general election in November is not until October 4.

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