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As noted in this post, FITS is moving its home offices out of downtown Columbia, S.C. in response to rising taxes and crime. We’re voting with our feet, in other words.

Where are we headed? An unincorporated rural area near Irmo, S.C. (no, we’re not starting a cult … sadly).

Anyway, as we’ve noted on numerous occasions this website would be nothing without those of you who take the time to keep us informed of everything that’s happening. Our network of sources – which we religiously protect – is unrivaled in this state (and unrivaled among any new media outlet anywhere in this country).

So thank you … again. It’s your information that keeps us in the loop.

We get info a lot of different ways we receive tips here at FITS – most of them through this web form or directly via email. But we also receive a lot of submissions via our post office box – which is about to change.

Got a pen handy?

Good … here is our new address …
P.O. Box 3642
Irmo, S.C. 29063

Remember it. Write it down. Take a picture …

Speaking of … we’d like to take a m. Unlike the lamestream media (with their big newsrooms and government subsidies), FITS is still a very small shop – which means it’s harder for us to act immediately on every tip we get.

So, if you’ve sent us a tip in the past and we didn’t write on it right away … send it again!

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