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Barack Obama: Back From Vacay



U.S. President Barack Obama is back in the office this week after a fifteen-day Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  He spent most of his break playing golf at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Hawaii … one of God only knows how many taxpayer-funded golf courses in this country.

Must be nice, right?

Anyway, we don’t begrudge Obama for taking the time off.  Or indulging his golf obsession.

Hell, if we could keep this clown on the links and out of the Oval Office, this country would be a lot better off … of course the last clown spent plenty of time away from the Oval Office, and look where that got us.

Obama is back, though, and ready to push his 2014 agenda of immigration reform (a.k.a. amnesty) and a massive increase in the minimum wage.  Meanwhile “Republicans” in Washington, D.C. stand ready to ummmmm … what was it?  Hold on a second … it will come to us …

Oh … right! “Republicans” stand ready to do what they’ve been doing for the last five years, which is reflexively opposing Obamacare (until the rubber meets the road anyway) while quietly negotiating with D.C. liberals in support of massive new debt increases and spending hikes.

Yay limited government, right?

Sheesh.  Taxpayers don’t stand a chance …

When Obama departed for his two-week break he was at the nadir of his presidency, bogged down by the disastrous rollout of his socialized medicine plan and the latest (and perhaps greatest) of his broken promises.  Naturally we suspect the mainstream media will do its best to pick him up off of the mat this year … with the GOP continuing to serve as a readily available foil.

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