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Letter: SCDSS Not Serving Childrens’ Interests



Dear FITSNews,

Thank you for your service and representing our voices and needs.  My husband and I are approved adoptive parents through the South Carolina Department of Social Services.  We have a sibling group of three that think we are ‘mom and dad.’  Recently, DSS ‘discovered’ some information that they feel makes us unfit to adopt and instead of sitting down and discussing with us, they chose to revoke our license.  We have not received a formal letter and they refuse to respond to a phone call, email or hold a face-to-face meeting.

We know the SC DSS has a terrible reputation and we are seeing first hand how damaging their incompetency can be to three precious children.  These children are living in separate foster homes and they are suffering.  They were supposed to come home to us for Christmas and we feel DSS is not properly representing their best interests.

The entire Region II Adopt office knows these children belong with us; that we will take the best care of them but the State DSS office decided to allow a committee behind closed doors who do not know us or the children make a decision regarding our case.  They never asked for our side of the story and seem to be basing their decision off of a newspaper article that briefly mentions my husband.  The allegations are false and we have the legal documents stating the facts.  My husband should be commended for willing to adopt three older children not have his character questioned but do they want to hear our side of the story?  Doesn’t seem that way.

These children deserve to be out of the system and home for Christmas.  Please help us in anyway you can.  We will share anything you would like to see including our positive home study, pictures, letters, videos, legal documents, etc. supporting our cause.

Does DSS really have the best interests of these children in mind?  Or are they more worried about protecting themselves as an agency?


Erin Q. Hansen
Lexington, S.C.


sic speaking

Erin: Thank you for your letter. SCDSS is truly a disaster, but the good news is a growing number of elected officials from both parties are stepping up to investigate its incompetence. We will be sure to pass along your submission to them.

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