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The GOP’s Confederate Problem … (And Candidate Problem)



Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel – who is running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent liberal Thad Cochran – was erroneously accused by the liberal website Mother Jones of addressing a neo-Confederate gathering in Laurel, Mississippi last August.

It turns out he was actually attending some legislative boondoggle in Chicagoland at the time … or so he claims.

But before we go patting this guy on the back – and condemning the false reporting of the far left – McDaniel has attended this gathering in previous years. He just didn’t go this year (no doubt because he was planning his campaign for the U.S. Senate).

Not only that, McDaniel is now trying to weasel his way out of his previous appearances before the group – telling the Jackson Clarion Ledger he “can’t recall” whether he has spoken to the group in the past.

Yeah … nice try …

Here’s the thing: McDaniel’s opponent Thad Cochran is – as this website has noted – one of those fiscally liberal, anti-liberty Republicans in Washington, D.C. who has consistently betrayed taxpayers (and who is always looking to cut a deal with U.S. President Barack Obama).

Defeating him should be quick and painless in a “conservative” Southern state …

So why … why, why, why, why, why, why, why … can’t these so-called “conservatives” in Mississippi find someone who isn’t a wanna-be Confederate to run against him? More to the point – why can’t intelligent, common sense alternatives to these aging “Republicans in Name Only” emerge in races all across the country?

We don’t get it …



There’s nothing wrong with supporting Southern heritage (and commemorating those who fought on both sides of the War Between the States). But candidates who cloak themselves in Confederate flags are inviting all sorts of needless criticism – and reinforcing all sorts of damaging stereotypes. Things get even worse when these candidates do as McDaniel as done – which is to try and distance themselves from their associations.

Seriously … if you go to these events show some balls and admit that you went. Then tell people it’s possible to celebrate all heritages without being racist.

Don’t run and hide like a little bitch.

Here in South Carolina – a state which battles Mississippi for the bottom of the national barrel in every good ranking (and the top of the charts in every bad ranking) – we have no shortage of Confederate officials. In fact some of them have been legislative leaders who dumped millions of tax dollars into their obsession.

Now that’s what we find offensive …

As the increasingly totalitarian United States of America hurtles ever closer toward financial ruin, the concept of secession deserves a closer look. But this option will never receive the consideration it deserves so long as Confederate candidates like Chris McDaniel are running for office.

Meanwhile the “Republican Party” – which we have been urging to die a quick death for some time now – will shift even further to the left if fiscal liberals like Cochran are able to get reelected over challengers with this kind of baggage.

Accordingly, in the parlance of our times, somebody better “Redneckognize …”

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