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Letter: CSOL’s “Trikki Nikki” Connection



RE: “CSOL Meltdown


It’s been a while. Hope all is well. As I was reading your posts about the implosion at the “Music Farm School of Law” (MFSCOL), I stumbled onto a gem of information. Tommy Cofield, the slack-jawed yokel appointed by Nikki Haley to replace Darla Moore on the University of South Carolina board of trustees, is prominently featured as a “faculty member” at the law school.

Here’s the link.

So which institution does Cofield support when there is a conflict of interest? The law school at USC, where he is a trustee? Or the law school at Charleston, where he is a faculty member.

Another nugget. The reported sales price for the MFSOL is between $1,200 and $1,800, considered by experts in the field to be an overvaluation.


“Not Sayin’ Just Sayin'”


sic speaking

“NSJS” – First of all, props to you for having one of the greatest commenter names in the history of FITS. Second, based on your contextual cues (and the Cofield link) we infer the “Music Farm School of Law” refers to the recently imploded Charleston School of Law. Bravo a second time for that reference. As for Cofield’s double-dipping, well … that’s just what “movers and shakers” do in South Carolina. And there’s no “conflict” for the politically connected in this state – nor are there consequences.