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RE: “It’s Hot Lawyer Time

Two things: 1. How about the hottest male attorney? 2. For the hottest female, maybe a consideration for her personality too? For example (for illustration purposes only, as you would not actually select this individual for obvious reasons), Jessica Godwin – offered for consideration by her boyfriend, Sam, in the comments section – is a rancid ass manipulative bitch and 80 percent of females that know her would agree. Not ‘hot!’ Thus, if you expanded your consideration to include personality (the whole package) as well as looks – we all have pretty friends – you may have more female submissions for their colleagues, and a legitimately ‘hot’ attorney! Further, your selection may also carry a little more honor for the female.



sic speaking

I was tempted to respond to this by simply pasting the lyrics to “Bitches Ain’t Sh*t …” but thought better of it. Your suggestions have merit, although your comments about Jessica Godwin strike me as pretty petty. I’ve never met Jessica, but from where I sit such invective renders two otherwise excellent points much less effective. Having said that, I’m going to discuss the notion of a hot male attorney competition with our associate opinion editor, Amy Lazenby, although I’m pretty sure she’d rig the competition for her husband. Oh well … good ideas. I’ll definitely give them due consideration.