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The Ted Vick Dash Cam Video Remix



Talk about killing two birds with one stone …

With one clever bit of editing, South Carolina “Republicans” popped a pair of Palmetto State Democrats this week – “re-disgraced” S.C. Rep. Ted Vick (D-Chesterfield) and State Senator Vincent Sheheen, the party’s likely gubernatorial nominee in 2014.

How’d they manage to pull such a two-fer? Easy: They took audio from Sheheen’s 2012 endorsement of Vick – who at the time was the Democratic frontrunner for the state’s newly drawn seventh U.S. congressional district – and played it over the dash cam video from Vick’s (latest) driving under the influence arrest.

Genius …

(Click to play)

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Of course it’s important to remember Vick isn’t drunk in this video, he’s merely “under the influence of a pebble.”