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Nikki Haley’s Friendly Skies … Again



S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley was supposed to be different … but in so many ways (big spending, faux reforms, lack of transparency, crony capitalism, nepotism, etc.) she’s proven to be every bit as bad as the status quo she campaigned against three years ago.

Worse, actually … because she promised us she was better.

Anyway, the latest example of Haley’s “good ol’ gal” politics? She’s flown her campaign videographer on taxpayer-provided aircraft 43 times over the last two years – and is refusing to reimburse taxpayers for the expense. Not only that her campaign, according to The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper, says it is reserving the right to use this footage in Haley’s campaign commercials.

Sad …

Haley’s liberal use of the state plane has already landed her in trouble previously. After this website reported on the extensive use of this plane by Clemson University football coaches (Haley is a Clemson alma mater), the S.C. House of Representatives passed language banning state colleges and universities from using the state plane to recruit football players.

This week the State Senate proposed selling the planes outright …

Good. We rarely agree with South Carolina’s so-called “Republican” legislators, but chronic abuse of the state planes has gotten totally out-of-hand under Haley and her predecessor, Mark Sanford.

So yeah … sell the damn things (as we’ve previously suggested), put the proceeds into a taxpayer rebate fund (assuming lawmakers ever create one) and then insist on tighter state travel guidelines aimed at ending the rampant abuse we’ve seen from the Haley administration.


Pic: Travis Bell Photography