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More On “Richland Robbery” Smoking Gun



While the rest of South Carolina’s media establishment has decided to abandon the taxpayers of Richland County, S.C., this website continues to beat the drum surrounding the rigged election that’s depriving them of $1.2 billion over the next eighteen years.

Just last week we called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to launch an investigation into this stolen race – which featured illegal shortages of voting machines that were disproportionately targeted toward precincts which voted against a similar tax hike in 2010.

Our evidence? A smoking gun directly linking former Richland County elections manager Lillian McBride – who was thick as thieves (literally) with the tax hike movement – to these illegal shortages.

So … why hasn’t this smoking gun prompted further investigation? Or incarcerations? Or a reversal of this $1.2 billion heist?

Well, for starters McBride was relieved of her duties after the election (although she was given another government job that will enable her to receive full benefits from the state for the rest of her life).

But that’s not the real reason …

The real reason is the document in which McBride is alleged to have “got the number down to 605 machines” (the county was legally required to have at least 864 machines deployed) has been redacted. In other words the county deliberately hid from the public the names of the election officials (i.e. witnesses) who carried out McBride’s plan.

Here’s a pic of that email …

(Click to enlarge)

smoking gun

As part of our ongoing investigation into this heist, FITS has been able to uncover some additional information about the “redacted” employees associated with this email – including their names, family relations and … wait for it … their ties to the tax hike movement.

Stay tuned for much more as we continue to expose the truth behind this shameless disenfranchisement of thousands of Richland County voters …