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“Mommy, You Got Fired?”



scdew firing

We’re all for getting rid of excess bureaucracy in government. In fact we’ve proposed the elimination of entire agencies. We believe government at all levels is too big, too unruly, too corrupt and too incompetent – and the cost keeps getting passed on to taxpayers of current and future generations.

Unfortunately when government is “cut” here in South Carolina there is no mechanism to rebate those “savings” to the taxpayers. That means these “cuts” are really just spent elsewhere in government – meaning they’re not “cuts” but rather “swaps.” In fact over at the scandal-plagued S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) – which continues to fail miserably at its job – it was no big secret a recent reduction in force among front-line employees was going to be accompanied by new bureaucratic hirings (and new programs).

All of which means businesses and taxpayers are going to continue shelling out big bucks to subsidize this ongoing disaster of an agency …

Anyway, while SCDEW’s upper management was busy enjoying one of its taxpayer-funded retreats, the hammer fell on several dozen employees earlier this week.

As fate would have it, the notifications were delivered on … wait for it … ‘bring your child to work day” at the agency.

In fact several employees have told FITS that one female employee was actually fired with her daughter sitting right next to her.

Yeah … ouch …

“It’s a great day in South Carolina,” people.