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Charleston Student Leader Acknowledges Stalking Arrest




Three months after his arrest on stalking charges, the president of the Student Bar Association at the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) is finally addressing the allegations against him.

Or at least acknowledging them …

Liberal activist Shun Griffin was arrested by Richland County (S.C.) Sheriff’s deputies in October 2012 and charged with stalking an as-yet-unidentified individual. News of Griffin’s arrest was first reported last month by FITS.

This week, Griffin sent out a press release confirming his arrest – however he declined to provide any details regarding the incident in question.

“The allegations are being carefully disputed and I have been aided by the support and guidance of competent counsel,” Griffin wrote. “You should know that I am well, in good spirits, and resolved in my determination to continue onward. Due to the nature of the personal matter, I cannot comment further.”

“I ask that you respect my privacy,” he said.

But Griffin did comment further … much further … referring to his arrest as a “personal attack.”

“The situation is painful; it attacks my character, questions my integrity, and seeks to impair the person I have worked tirelessly to become,” he wrote. “It has been embarrassing. But in recent weeks the personal expressions of support from my fellow students, good friends, colleagues, and my counterparts across the country have really touched my heart.”

Griffin went on to say that he will not relinquish his student leadership post as a result of his arrest.

“A few have and will judge prematurely,” he wrote. “And despite the painful words they may speak – my forgiveness is just as firm as ever because one that cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which they, too, must pass; for every person has a need to be forgiven. And even to those persons, my service will continue.”


Elected by CSOL students to a one-year term last March, Griffin has used his post to support all sorts of liberal causes – including a jihad against fast food chain Chick-fil-A over its owners’ stand against homosexuality.

CSOL has been a laughing stock in recent years, given its abysmal bar exam passage rates (and efforts by the S.C. Supreme Court to artificially inflate them).  t’s also been the source of constant student infighting … including some wanna be “Skull and Bones” types.

UPDATE: Sources at CSOL tell FITS that Griffin has been asked repeatedly to step down. We’re also informed that a petition to impeach him is currently being circulated.