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Nikki Haley On Guns




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley took to Facebook this week to share her thoughts on various gun-related issues in the wake of the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

What did she have to say?  Take a look …

My stance on guns: As a (Concealed Weapons Permit) holder, I am pro 2nd amendment and pro 10th amendment and will defend both. I would support open carry and reciprocity with any other state. The horrible shootings we have seen over the past few years have been related to individuals with mental health so my administration went right to the source. My first year in office we dramatically increased funding to mental health by $16 mill the first year and $11 mill this past budget. I am committed to helping those with mental health issues get the help they need while defending our 2nd amendment.

We obviously don’t share Haley’s faith in the efficacy of additional government funding for a mental health bureaucracy, but everything else she said is pretty much spot on – and that’s a pleasant surprise.

Haley has been a profound disappointment on numerous bread-and-butter pro-freedom, pro-free market issues – including this abomination – but when it comes to the debate over “gun control” it appears she has her priorities in line.

Props to Haley for her support of this fundamental liberty at a time when it is under a full-scale attack.

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