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Jessica Simpson: Back To Bangin?




To say that Jessica Simpson added a few pounds during her recent pregnancy – and struggled to lose them after the birth of her baby – would be an understatement.  She blimped up like something preparing to provide aerial coverage of a major sporting event, people.

Simpson claims to have topped out at 170 pounds – although that estimate was widely rebuked by people with eyes.

The 32-year-old actress/ singer – who once boasted one of the tightest bodies in Hollywood – gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, in early May.  Of course that’s when her weight issues really began.

“I put on more baby weight than I was planning on,” Simpson acknowledged two months ago.

Ummmm … ya think?  To date, though, Simpson has lost 60 pounds … and she showed off her post-baby curves by sliding into a hot (and tight) Beer Wench get-up for Halloween.  And not only did Simpson’s body look bangin’ again, but she added slutty black eye makeup and bright red lipstick to the mix … (serious bonus points).

Obviously beauty is (cough) on the inside … but props to Simpson for putting in the work to lose this weight.

She may not have shed the maternity poundage as quickly as say, Jessica Alba, but she’s gotten where she needs to be …