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We don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies round here, but we’ve been told it isn’t easy for women to lose weight after giving birth – especially not during the holiday season.

That’s why we’re always impressed when they’re able to pull it off.

Take the lovely Mrs. Sic Willie (our founding editor’s wife), who has lost nearly 45 pounds since giving birth on October 3. Pretty solid, right? Although to be perfectly honest she was still rockin’ the sexy legs even at nine months pregnant.

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Or take Jessica Alba – who had a baby in August and then looked like nothing happened just a few weeks later.

Alba’s body looks so good, in fact, that it’s become the inspiration for Jessica Simpson, who is preparing to pop out a rug rat of her own.

“New goal: look like @jessicaalba after baby. Job well done lady!” Simpson tweeted.

“OMG! Ur so sweet! Thx hon!” Alba responded.

Anyway, since these sorts of things require as much empirical evidence as possible, here are a few pic of Alba rockin’ various bikinis (and a Bear Bryant hat) in Los Cabos …

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