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2012: Lots Of People Have No Life




Contrary to popular perception, this website’s founding editor really doesn’t care all that much for politics.  If he’s not on the clock, he’d much rather be playing with his kids, playing sports or playing music (he used to be a rock star, ya know). In fact while political junkies across the country spent the final weekend before the 2012 election contributing to a worldwide superfluity of hot air … Sic Willie was busy leaf-peeping in Black Mountain, N.C. with his wife (the lovely Mrs. Sic).

Politics is a job, in other words … and while it’s a job Sic enjoys, it doesn’t define who he is … and it’s certainly not the sort of thing he would ever bring up with a friend or family member.  Let alone start a fight over.

For millions of Americans, though, the 2012 election has become intensely personal.  According to a new Rasmussen poll, 27 percent of Americans say that the election has “negatively affected their personal relationship with a friend or family member.”  An even larger segment of the population – 45 percent – admits to getting into a “heated argument” with a friend or family member regarding the election.

Seriously?  Who are these people?

Obviously there’s no denying that this election is an important one, but let’s face it – the race was lost the moment that Mitt Romney won the “Republican” presidential nomination.  That’s when this race ceased being a defining choice and became more a “degrees of hell” sort of proposition.

In fact given the remarkable degree of ideological similarity between Obama and Romney on so many issues we’re positively beflummoxed (not a word) at the level of animosity that exists as a result of this false dichotomy.

Clearly we are passionate in our support for the campaign of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson in the general election (just as we were passionate on behalf of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul in the GOP primary), but we’re not going to initiate or participate in “heated arguments” with people over the election.  Nor are we going to let their political choices “negatively affect” our view of them.

To do so would be ridiculous.

Unless someone is censoring you, then there’s no reason to get angry.  Just speak your mind until someone tells you they’ve had enough – or walk away when you’ve heard enough.  And if someone is censoring you – or attempting to deprive you of any of your other fundmental liberties – then you don’t argue with them, you just kill them.

Everybody clear on the ground rules?

Good … now go enjoy the marketplace of ideas responsibly.