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Happy Kwanzaa (To All Five Of You Celebrating)



It’s the day after Christmas, which means this website’s seven-day Kwanzaa celebration has officially begun!

Of course we’re not actually celebrating Kwanzaa, we’re toasting its ongoing demise as millions of black families continue to reject its contrived, communist nonsense.

Recent estimates put Kwanzaa participation among blacks at a measly 1.25 percent.  For those of you keeping score at home, that means 39.9 million black families do not celebrate Kwanzaa.  Only 500,000 do.

Kwanzaa is dead people … or at least it would be dead if the mainstream media didn’t “religiously” hype it each year in an effort not to offend black people (who, as noted above, are not celebrating it).

Created in 1966 by Maulana Karenga – a militant social revolutionary and black nationalist – Kwanzaa is centered around the “Nguzo Saba,” or the “seven principles of African heritage” – unity (Umoja), self-determination (Kujichagulia), collective work and responsibility (Ujima), cooperative economics (Ujamaa), purpose (Nia), creativity (Kuumba) and faith (Imani). Celebrants mark these virtues on a candelabrum called a Kinara while serving traditional African foods and wearing traditional African garb.

Wait … “collective work?” “Cooperative economics?”

No wonder they call it the FUBU (“For Us By Us”) holiday …

Don’t take our word that Kwanzaa is communist, though, consider the official 2013 Kwanzaa message shared by Karenga himself – which instructs followers to “practice the ethics of shared work and shared wealth; to uphold the right of the peoples of the world to a just and equitable share of the goods of the world.”

Yeah … clearly Barack Obama didn’t get that memo.

And while Kwanzaa’s founders love to speak of Umoja (that’s “unity”) everything about the holiday is intended to divide – right down to the prohibition against religious coexistence.

“You should not mix the Kwanzaa holiday or its symbols, values and practice with any other culture,” the official Kwanzaa website insists. “This would violate the principles of Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) and this would violate the integrity of the holiday.”

Sheesh … so much for opposing “segregation.”

UPDATE: Well, well … the Republican National Committee is celebrating Kwanzaa.