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SC4: William Timmons, Adam Morgan Face Off At Upstate Women’s Forum

South Carolina congressional forum features tough questions for both candidates …

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The Greenville County Republican Women hosted a candidate forum with U.S. congressman William Timmons and his challenger, South Carolina Freedom Caucus chairman Adam Morgan, on Monday afternoon. The forum between the two GOP rivals was held at the Poinsett Club in downtown Greenville, S.C. At the gathering, Timmons touted his endorsement from former U.S. president Donald Trump – and his purportedly pro-MAGA voting record – while Morgan pitched bringing the S.C. Freedom Caucus’ modus operandi to the District of Columbia.

Organizers billed the event as the “first joint appearance by the two candidates” seeking this seat – which Timmons has held since January 2019. They emphasized to attendees that the forum was not a debate, but a chance for candidates to advocate for themselves without directly attacking one another.

Early on during the forum, moderator and Greenville GOP Women’s Club president Robin Duffie questioned the candidates about the S.C. General Assembly’s recent decision to offer a $1.3 billion incentive package to entice electric vehicle manufacturer Scout Motors to the Palmetto State.

Morgan enjoyed a moment of internet virility earlier this year after a clip of him sparring with S.C. House minority leader Todd Rutherford over the wisdom of the economic development project was widely shared on social media.



During the forum Morgan, called the deal a “gift to a private company (of) $400 million of your taxpayer cash” in a “failing industry that president Trump has called out.”

Trump has said EV’s are “too expensive” and “don’t go far enough” at a number of stops on the campaign trail, including one in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Morgan recounted the behind-the-scenes wrangling required to secure passage of the legislation, accusing GOP leaders of “trying to bully people into flipping their votes to vote against their constituent’s wishes, and vote the way special interests want.”

According to Morgan an army of lobbyists were “just salivating over this project.”

Timmons took a different view of the effort, citing the success of BMW manufacturing facilities in the Palmetto State.

“Our leaders 35 years ago were able to incentivize BMW to come here,” he said. “I represent 800,000 people, I would say at least 150,000 of those jobs are from BMW.”

Timmons argued this is evidence Morgan “doesn’t vote right on economic development.”

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BMW Greenville, S.C. Manufacturing Facility (Via: Visit Greenville)

Throughout the forum, Timmons returned to the idea that establishment GOP figures on both the national and state levels are acting in the best interests of their conservative constituents, and that Morgan and his fellow insurgent hardline conservatives impede the ability of Republicans to govern effectively.

“We should be able to get the policy wins in Colombia” Timmons said, claiming Morgan’s Freedom Caucus colleagues “have been an impediment to those conservative endeavors.”

Timmons contrasted his approach as a representative with the Freedom Caucus’ use of last-minute amendments to challenge the GOP party line.

“The loudest voices are not going to fix health care,” he said. “The loudest voices are not going to fit the debt. The loudest voices are not going to get our country back where it needs to be in the global community. You’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to get results. And I will continue to do that.”


William Timmons
U.S. Congressman William Timmons at the Greenville GOP Women’s Candidate Forum. (Dylan Nolan/FITSNews)

The GOP women, whose questions were used to plan the event, forced both candidates to address lingering issues and allegations. Morgan was asked about missing more than 300 votes during his time as as a state representative.

“Have you missed 393 votes since 2019?” Duffie asked. “Are you an absentee legislator?”

“I have missed those votes” Morgan responded, “yet that makes me have one of the best attendance records in the South Carolina legislature.”

Morgan then pivoted to attack Timmons’ record of empowering a proxy voter to cast votes in Washington D.C. while he stayed home in his district during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Timmons admitted to using a proxy voter, but said he opposed the “terrible” practice.

“So first, proxy voting is terrible,” he said. “I voted against it”


S.C. Freedom Caucus chairman Adam Morgan at the Greenville GOP Women’s Candidate Forum. (Dylan Nolan/FITSNews)

According to the third-term lawmaker, House leaders instructed members to utilize the proxy voting system to avoid members missing votes – adding that the whole South Carolina Republican delegation utilized it. Timmons called the issue “a distraction.”

Timmons faced a difficult question when Duffie asked him to address how voters should perceive him cheating on and eventually divorcing his wife.

“This comes down to a matter of trust, Congressman Timmons, what factors guide you your moral decision making in your public and private life?” Duffie asked.

“I did get divorced last year,” Timmons said, adding that his ex-wife Sarah Timmons “has been one of my best friends for fifteen years and she is still one of my best friends.”

“It is extremely sad that our marriage failed, and um … its just sad.” Timmons said before adding that Sarah “fully supports” his reelection “she knows my record better than anyone.”

“Look, it’s sad that I am no longer married, but that’s all I got,” Timmons concluded.

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Timmons assiduously avoided FITSNews’ reporters after the event, presumably because this outlet broke news of his affair and has chronicled the salaciou details of the ensuing “Days of Our Congressman” saga.

Morgan was more amenable to media inquiries – and so we asked him how he intended to overcome his opponent’s endorsement from former president Trump.

“Donald Trump endorses a lot of incumbents, and I think the fact is we need a strong conservative fighter in our district,” he told us.

Morgan pointed to the endorsements he has received from a number of Trump acolytes including Florida congressman Matt Gaetz and retired U.S. Army general Michael Flynn. He also touted endorsements from local leaders including Greenville County sheriff Hobart Lewis and state representative Ashley Trantham.

“Endorsements are great” Morgan said “but let’s be honest, we want the endorsements of the fourth congressional district voters.”

Morgan seemed to win more “real time endorsements” throughout Monday’s event – repeatedly receiving more excited applause from those in attendance.

Still, it remains to be seen who will receive more of the coveted “voter endorsements” come primary election day. Timmons’ infidelity has paved the way for Morgan to have a viable path to winning the Republican primary in the socially conservative South Carolina Upstate, yet Morgan must compete with Timmons’ deep pockets, Trump endorsement and establishment support as he attempts to secure enough votes to win his party’s nomination.

Count on this media outlet to continue keeping tabs on the race as it unfolds …



(Via: Travis Bell)

Dylan Nolan is the director of special projects at FITSNews. He graduated from the Darla Moore school of business in 2021 with an accounting degree. Got a tip or story idea for Dylan? Email him here. You can also engage him socially @DNolan2000.



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