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Prioleau Alexander: Bank Collapse Highlights Elites’ Evasion Of Accountability

“We are a nation of laws.” Yeah, right …

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The Silicon Valley Bank has collapsed. Liberals are already blaming former president Donald Trump (who else?), claiming it was because of regulatory easing signed under his administration — you know, that dangerous easing Democrats didn’t reverse in the two years they could have.  

Just like the housing meltdown of 2008, the cause was greed and an utter failure of oversight by the federal government. And, as was the case before, virtually no one will go to jail.

When will the American people understand that the government sucks at everything? The feds used to be good at killing people and blowing things up, but they suck at that now, too—unless it’s women and children in Waco, Texas. The only thing the feds remain good at is arresting, prosecuting, and destroying the lives of people who cross them.

The prosecution of white-collar crime among the truly powerful has always been a sad joke. The fact is that the crimes of white-collar criminals are too complex for the yo-yos in state and federal government to unwind. If they were smart enough to figure that stuff out, they’d probably be out in the private sector, looting the economy like the leeches on Wall Street. Instead, they just say, “Screw it. Cut a powder-puff deal and let’s get this out of the headlines.”

The government doesn’t hammer the big boys — they do crap like put Martha Stewart in jail for executing less insider trading than Congress has done since you started reading this piece.  

They don’t stop the cartels and the endless flow of drugs, but instead put Thomas Ravenel in jail like he’s a cartel boss for doing some recreational coke.

And surely Ghislane Maxwell is the only sex trafficker in the world incarcerated for trafficking young girls to no one. Seriously, what’s she in jail for? Doesn’t there have to be a rapist for a rape to occur?  



At the state level, how many people responsible for bankruptcy of the VC Summer nuclear power plant went to jail? A couple SCANA thieves, who were sentenced to half the time the Q-Anon Shaman got for taking a police-escorted tour of the Capital on January 6, 2021. A crackhead who holds up a 7-11 for $89 and gets 10 years, and these two get two years.   

Where are the people whose job it was to supervise these two assholes? The boards of SCANA and Santee Cooper? Westinghouse? Bechtel? They might be on the golf course, but they sure as hell ain’t in jail. $9,000,000,000 (with a B) went poof — and SCANA had to pay back a whole $137.5 million.

Hell, I’d take those odds — take a shot at holding up a bank for $9 million, and hand out the dough to friends — with a couple million in my off-shore account? If getting caught meant I had to pay back 1.5 percent of the looted money and do two years in a minimum-security prison? All day. Sign me up.

I asked the one state senator who fought against okaying this VC Summer disaster why more people weren’t going to jail. His answer?

“The general assembly passed a law essentially granting them immunity.”

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V.C Summer nuclear generating station as seen from the air in late 2021. (High Flyer SC)

Then why aren’t those politicians in jail? Does anyone really believe a law like that gets passed without Biblical proportions of graft?

I have a hard time understanding the American people of 2023. Sure, you may not have the power to tar and feather anyone, but where are the leaders in our society? Is anyone — other than Elon Musk — going to ever push back against the Matrix? Even a little?  

Why are there no wealthy leaders in San Francisco rising up and saying, “I will not abide our city employing workers whose only job it is to clean up human feces.”

Why aren’t the business leaders of seriously powerful brands in California saying, “Attention shoppers: We have some former military on staff offering a broken jaw special on aisle 6 for those wishing to leave without paying.”

Why don’t some gazillionaires living in New York demand an end to the skyrocketing violent crime? Hell, Giuliani transformed New York from a festering lake of pus into the Big Apple of old in four years by applying the “broken window” theory. Sure, it resulted in some civil lawsuits, but that’s better than getting shot in the face strolling in to see Cats for the tenth time.  

Why did we in South Carolina do absolutely nothing when we were robbed blind by SCANA, Santee Cooper, Westinghouse, and Bechtel?

“Well, Prioleau, we must allow the system to work. Those responsible will be punished. We are a nation of laws.”

Obviously, we aren’t. And no one rich or powerful is getting punished.

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James Comey (FBI)

Sure, there are laws for you and me, but really — where are all the indictments against rich powerful criminals? We know for a fact James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok lied under oath about the Russian Collusion Hoax … and Comey got up from committing perjury and went on a book tour. Imagine the hubris.  

We are living under the illusion our government is in charge. We aren’t free anymore — we’re serfs, and nothing more. We just keep our heads down in the muck like we’re told, and if someone sticks their head up to ask what the hell is going on, our rulers throw them in the tower to rot.  

It’s comical to think about the awe in which we conservatives hold Jim Jordon. ‘He kicks ass!” we say. “He’s showing those bastards the what-for.”

No, he’s not. He’s doing his job. That’s it. Any Congressman doing less is just a sightseer.

The scope of what we’re willing to put up with is staggering. The entire global economy melted down in 2008 due to — literally — a group of men small enough to fit in the Carolina Coliseum. The feds know who they were – by name. Yet virtually no one went to jail. The investment bankers and their criminal rating agencies should’ve had Wall Street looking like a Woodstock-sized perp-walk.

The global economy did melt down in 2020-2022 because of a spokesman for Big Pharma and those invested in their success. You might remember him – Anthony Fauci. It’s now come to light he was wrong on masks, social distancing, school lockdowns, the source of the virus, and the effectiveness/ safety of the vaccines – yet the little troll is still the Belle of the Beltway Ball. Almost every private sector immunologist in America watched in slack-jawed amazement at the stupidity of his decisions, but those who tried to speak up were threatened with the loss of their board certification.

We are faced with some frightening realities, the biggest being that the American people are indeed sheep. Somewhere around 230,000,000 of them marched into clinics and had an experimental vaccine injected into their arm… a vaccine so untested the development companies demanded legal immunity before releasing it. Despite crystal clear evidence healthy children are not (and never were) facing mortal risk from Covid, millions of those people took their children and had them vaccinated, too.

We are so unconcerned with the truth, Joe Biden wasn’t laughed out of office for recently stating that defunding the police was a MAGA-Republican initiative.

We are so immune to hypocrisy, we simply sat on our asses and watched as BLM/Antifa rioted during Covid, while church-goers were arrested. Here in Charleston, we allowed police to enforce Covid rules as stupid as “you can’t sit down on the beach” and “you can’t go into a public park.”

We are a ship of fools, entirely rudderless and without a captain, carrying a cargo-load of $30 trillion in debt. Unless we have some bold leaders rise up at the community, state, and federal level, the ship will founder, while those in power watch safely from the shore.



Prioleau Alexander (Provided)

Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of two books: ‘You Want Fries With That?’ and ‘Dispatches Along the Way.’ Both are available on Amazon. He hopes to have another title published soon, but that would require his agent actually doing his job, so it may be awhile. Oh, and if you want to see his preferred bio pic? Click here ...



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Red Uprising March 17, 2023 at 11:22 am

This guy is all over the place. There’s a nugget of a good point to be made buried under several thousand tons of bullcrap.

The reality is that under capitalism, the state exists to serve capital. That’s really all the underlying context you need. No one of significance to the machine will ever actually face jail time. Democrats and Republicans play good cop, bad cop when it comes to taxes, spending, regulations, etc., but ultimately serve those with power and wealth. The owner class will always be given subsidization, loan forgiveness, bailouts, tax cuts, and suck the working class dry, while the working poor are demonized for what few crumbs fall to the floor for them. The broken systems that wring workers dry are kept broken because they successfully extract wealth from the millions they scam yearly.

The rich get richer because they actually wield their wealth and power, and do so as a collective, while the poor are kept destitute, overworked and divided so they can’t do the same. You can’t win this game playing by their rules.

America revolted against the British for less.


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