Guest Column: New World Disorder

Coins of wisdom for future generations …

by PRIOLEAU ALEXANDER || Do you have a vision for your heirs’ future?

I’ve been trying to imagine one for ten years, and failed completely. I don’t have kids, but I do have nephews and nieces, and I want desperately for them to live a rewarding and free life like the one I’ve been blessed to enjoy.  

For the sake of my ponderings here, let’s forget about Donald Trump and Joe Biden and all the hundreds of trivial issues that so divide us. Let’s look out into the future, when you’ve gone to live with Jesus, or gotten your 72 virgins, or become worm dirt — or whatever your faith-view is.

As a Southerner, I was born with a distrust of the federal government. It’s in my DNA. As a result, I’ve always remained wary of their next intrusion into my life. Let’s just say I’ve taken steps to ensure my wife and I can get by in uncomfortable circumstances … for a little while. But, now as an old man, I know the federal government will never act in an overt way to physically persecute people who disagree with the federal narrative. This is for two reasons:  

First, Americans who believe in the right to bear arms will never give up their guns, ergo the US military could never suppress the people en masse. We the people have the might of the Taliban and Ukraine’s patriots times 10,000. Even the feds aren’t stupid enough not to see what armed citizens are doing in Ukraine.

Second, and most importantly — they don’t need the military. We will be betrayed with a kiss.

Or something worse …




There are some core issues that separate the American left from the American right.

I’m speaking of American citizens, of course. Actual humans with lives to live. Nothing philosophical divides the politicians in the Swamp … it’s nothing more than white-collar professional wrestling, designed to keep the masses distracted from what’s really going on.  

Americans on the left believe human nature is good, and the right believes human nature is sinful. I liken it to the animal world: The left thinks of humanity as puppies … sure we might make a mess on the rug sometimes, but it’s not our fault because we haven’t been properly trained … yet. Americans on the right think of humanity as jackals … a breed that lurks at the edge of opportunity, always seeking the chance to gorge on a free meal. If they themselves didn’t kill prey, and instead chase off the rightful owner of that meal, all the better.

The second core issue is governance. Americans on the left believe the government is a force for good, and even when entitlement/ safety net programs fail, what matters was that the intention to do the right thing. Americans on the right believe the government is largely flawed, crushed under the weight of corrupt politicians, backdoor deals, and the stupidity that comes with decisions being made by committees of fools seeking reelection.

The left mostly celebrates their elected leaders; the right mostly just tolerates theirs.

There is, however, one insurmountable difference that I believe will lead to the ultimate triumph of the left: The left is patient.

The right sees solutions and wants to implement them … now. Now, because the solution seems logical. But ask yourself this question: Why are university professors now so overwhelmingly socialist? Because all the way back in the 60’s, they knew that academia was the future — so tens of thousands of leftists followed that path, patiently waiting decades to be in charge. Now, they are — and they are shaping the minds that will guide the future.  

Oh, and they have 40-years-worth of like-minded young socialists in the academic pipeline.

It goes for liberals in politics, too. Those kids you see crying on TV — the really passionate ones — will one day wipe away their snowflake tears, and take revenge on the nation they hate by serving in Congress. Or the White House. Or the courts. While the “capitalist kids” rush into the world to make their fortunes, the true leftist believers will do as the hippies did — play the long game. The game of thrones.




Today, we willingly allow our phone providers to listen into our conversations for “key advertising words.” It’s true — if you don’t know it, research it. It’s in those 60-page terms of agreements … the ones you just click “yes” on. They. Listen. To. Everything. You. Say. This is the world of willing surveillance your children are growing up in.

Segue: Ask a kid in college, “Do you think hate speech should be illegal?” The vast majority would say “yes.” If you asked them what constitutes hate speech, you’d get a moronic answer about racism or xenophobia or LGBT issues or the latest cause du jour. What they can’t answer is the question, “What if some right-wing culture-war zealot was in charge, and the things YOU say were considered hateful? Should hate speech still be illegal then?”

Now take the definition of “hate speech” and narrow it … over 30 or 40 years, let’s say. Over and over condition people to object to legal speech that “feels” hateful, then turn it into “insult speech” then “misleading speech” and finally “disagreeable speech.” Once that’s done, the federal government need only pass laws that these forms of speech be treated as a crime.

Our phones are already eavesdropping tools — so how long before “key advertising words” becomes “hate/insult/misleading/disagreeable speech?” Twenty years? Fifty? So a person on a phone making a racial slur or expressing anger towards an elected person or law could be guilty of a crime?

Let’s say “crime” is too much. Let’s say the government is too kind and loving to put someone behind bars for ranting on the phone. Let’s say “insult speech” is a misdemeanor.




Amazon knows everything you buy. Facebook knows who and what you like, who your friends are, and what you take photos of. Your phone listens to your conversations. Your grocery store knows exactly what foods you eat. Your pharmacy and medical insurance company know every drug you take and ergo every illness you suffer. Google knows everything you’d like to know, or learn more about — as well as where you go, and where you are this very minute. Twitter decides whether what you say conforms with their version of truth. Your bank and financial advisor have all your assets stored on-line. And your internet server knows every site you’ve ever visited — good or bad.

Gentle reader, if you don’t think the federal government has that information already, or can’t get that information, or force a company to give it to them, you don’t understand the Pandora’s box George W. Bush opened with his Patriot Act.

So, back to misdemeanors. Your kid is pissed about the new 2045 Fairness in Arts law that requires great ballet dancers to wear ankle weights so they aren’t better than lousy ballet dancers. Your kid is on the phone on the way home from a performance, and tells a friend it sucked, because the Fairness in Arts law has ruined the art.

“These new laws are being passed by idiots,” your kiddo says. “We’ve got to do something.”

Idiots? Do something? Like something violent?

That’s a misdemeanor. The call is disconnected, and your kid is advised of his penalty. No Amazon for a month. Or no restaurants. Or no access to the power generated by coal plants which is needed to charge your electric car. A Twitter ban for six months.

How could that be enforced?

Because we are rocketing towards a nation and world where currency will be digital. With a few keystrokes, your “purchases card” won’t work buying the items banned due to the fine. If you want to know if that’s possible, just ask the citizens of Russia … we’re starving their people to death because their leader is a bad guy.

What about when your kids are considered the bad guys?




Leftists believe the government focuses on doing things that are “good for us.” Now let’s recall all the various entities listed above that know everything about us, which the government does or will have access to. What would a kind and loving government do?

Medical data says you’re overweight? The directive is delivered: Only specific healthy foods can be purchased by you. GPS reports you were speeding? That’s dangerous to the public — turn off the computer than runs your car for a month. Facebook sees you “like” a controversial post? Block you from that friend so you don’t inspire each other. Did you Google search for info about Remington’s new hunting bullet? You could be a dangerous gun nut — the police stop by to, you know, just check in with you.  

The craziest thing of all is all of the above are almost certain to happen. Many are happening now, without government involvement. We laugh about Facebook and Twitter “jail.” The left — for some reason now a pro-big-corporation party — defends the practices, saying, “those are private companies; they can do whatever they want.” They applaud the censorship.

I point at the left, but don’t think Republicans in positions of power are immune to this. The Texas “abortion bounty hunter” law is one of the most frightening things I’ve seen in my lifetime. SCOTUS’ ruling that a corporation is a “human” defies all human logic. (I’ll believe a corporation deserves human rights when you can strap one in an electric chair).

Conservative politicians — just like progressives — are all fighting for reelection like Hollywood starlets running up the stairs to Harvey Weinstein’s room. If criminalizing blood transfusions could get them reelected, guess how they’d vote?




The scenarios described above are, sadly, the lesser of two evils, as they are contingent on the United States continuing on as it always has.

Will we? Being $25 trillion dollars in debt, with $50 trillion in unfunded Medicare and Social Security debt? With the continued rise of a hostile China? When North Korea and Iran develop nukes? With our financially suicidal approach to combatting “man-made” global warming? With progressives and conservatives literally at each other’s throats? When a new SCOTUS justice can’t define a “woman” because she’s not a biologist? With the media driving a wedge further and further between the races and ideologies?

If math and economics 100 are real, it is a certainty our economy must collapse in the next 50 years. Why would any thinking person believe otherwise? Do you think the world will buy 100 trillion dollars in US bonds? Maybe 200 trillion? Or will we just print that money and wade into hyper-inflation?

What then? Is that your grandchildren’s problem? It’s coming, and you know it—the Boomers have simply swept the future under the rug, and us Gen-Xers are pulling out our vacuums. Oh well—good luck, people under 40… we made a good life for ourselves. Go and do likewise.

Do you trust the circus monkeys in Washington to prevent one of these two scenarios? After all, they CREATED the problems—but they will never suffer because of them. Like those “in the party” in the Soviet Union, they aren’t going to ever miss a meal, no matter how bad things get.




If financial collapse is the scenario that occurs, what skills do your heirs have that would enable them to live through a decades-long great depression? Do they know a trade? Could they transfer their skill sets into a profession people must have to make money? Are they in debt, thus allowing a bank to say, “Pay up, or move out?  

We the people have nearly zero practical skills anymore. Imagine tomorrow our government defaulting… or hyper-inflation … or real societal unrest. Suppose water, power, internet, and sewer ceased working consistently, or you can’t pay for them. Imagine there’s no gas for your car. No toilet paper or food in the store. No access to health care. And no firetrucks coming around the bend.

All of this can happen with something as simple as Uncle Sam offering more of its nearly worthless bonds, and finding there are no takers. Or China putting a “For Sale” sign on all of its North American holdings. Some say China would never do that, because it would collapse their economy. I say, “What evidence have you ever seen that China’s ruling elite care about their peasants and working-class citizens?”

What then? Do you have Jack’s magic beans to grow crops? Raise cattle in your condo? Grow bacteria in the sink to use as penicillin? Ah! Maybe become a shepherd?




Do you think they have a solution? Do you think they are smarter than you? If they aren’t, do you think they have a clear-headed vision for how they are going to guide America thirty years from now?  

Perhaps none of this will happen. Perhaps your future generations will grow up with 2.2 kids and a picket fence. But do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that? Are you just ignoring their future, paralyzed by thinking about the mess the Boomers and Gen Xers have created?

If financial collapse is in the future, are you teaching them that hard times may be coming? What to do if their skill sets and professional training no longer add value to society? How to cope with a struggling government like the one currently running Venezuela becomes an American reality due to our current economic and foreign policy idiocy?

What about the other scenario, where the state controls speech and the freedom to move around the country? When they are being assigned a social credit score? Should they just “go along to get along?” Or do you have ideas of how they can remain free?

If you don’t have a plan for preparing your kids for one of these two new realities, you’re not alone. Almost no one does. But while your heirs currently charge forward into life, thinking their world will be largely like the one you grew up in, shouldn’t you at least sit them down and have a talk? Point at the storm front, and let them know a hard rain is likely to fall?  

We threw the party — and if you wanna dance all night, you gotta pay the fiddler. But we won’t be there when the fiddler demands payment. So the least we can do is leave our heirs a few coins of wisdom.



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Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of two books: ‘You Want Fries With That?’ and ‘Dispatches Along the Way.’ Both are available on Amazon. He hopes to have another title published soon, but that would require his agent actually doing his job, so it may be awhile.



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