Programming Note: Summer Solstice

Dialing it back to five …

Posting will be a bit lighter than usual between now and next Friday (July 2, 2021) as our founding editor Will Folks and his family make their annual pilgrimage to the South Carolina coast for a spot of rest and relaxation (assuming you consider chasing seven kids up and down the eastern seaboard to be “relaxing”).

While one can never completely “unplug” in this line of work – especially not with a huge national story like the Murdaugh Murders continuing to unfold – Folks will attempt to dial it back to five and spend some quality time with his growing brood over the next twelve days.

He will still be posting content … just not his typical daily barrage of stories.

Fortunately for FITSNews’ readers, our news director Mandy Matney – who has been covering the Murdaughs for the better part of the last three years – will remain in the saddle (and on top of this story and other breaking news) while our founding editor is occupied with his offspring.

(Which reminds us, if you have information on the Murdaugh case – or any other story – you can email Mandy here).

Just because Folks will be partially out of pocket doesn’t mean he will be completely inaccessible, though … which means individuals with tips, story ideas, announcements or other items of interest should continue to hit him up via our tip line (or by emailing him directly here).

In fact, we received a submission earlier today on a statewide political campaign that Folks is planning to report on this afternoon … so stay tuned for that article.

Worth noting? All information which is provided anonymously to this news outlet will be kept strictly confidential. And as Folks has proven in the past, he is religious when it comes to protecting his sources …

Also, do not forget our media outlet’s open microphone policy … which affords readers the opportunity to sound off on issues or stories which are of particular interest to them (even if these perspectives wind up being harshly critical of this news outlet). So, send us your cards and letters if you’d like to have your voice heard …

Thanks again to everyone again for reading, sharing, subscribing and supporting what we are doing …




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