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Letter: FITSNews Should Be ‘Embarrassed’ For Attack On University Newspaper

“The author lacks any journalistic integrity, compassion or consideration for anyone besides themself …”



RE || Snowflake Tribune?

Dear Editor,

You should be embarrassed for publishing this article. Reading this is exactly how it feels to live in today’s hyper-political, polarized Trump-America; every man for himself and if you don’t like it, too bad.

It’s quite clear the anonymous author and their unnamed sources don’t care about these students, so it’s even more important these kids take time to care about themselves. In a country where mental health is routinely dismissed, opioid addiction is at epidemic levels, and school shooting drills are the “new normal,” this article is naïve and completely out of touch with reality. The author lacks any journalistic integrity, compassion or consideration for anyone besides themself. You clearly didn’t do any research into what this team does, or the time they spend on this publication year-round.

I wanted to address some of the “highlights” of this rag.

FITSNews asks, “We wonder: What exactly happens when a bunch of emo snowflakes reach their collective ‘breaking point?’”

School shootings happen, suicide happens, drug addiction happens. These are all problems that are steadily on the rise among a generation who stands to inherit a staggering deficit, unmatched unemployment levels, and a crumbling environment. This is the fallout from untreated mental health. If that’s easy for you to dismiss or mock, perhaps it’s you who needs a mental health check.

“God help us if these brave patriots ever have to endure more than Twitter and Zoom meetings,” noted South Carolina law school and business school graduate Micah Caskey, a combat veteran and state lawmaker from West Columbia, S.C.

Thank you for your service, but these kids aren’t in the Army, and this isn’t their career. They don’t have a mortgage due at the end of the month. College is a time to find out who you are and what you want to do. I’m sure there are plenty of things you tried in college that didn’t stick. Are you really comparing a week off from a college newspaper to war?

Meanwhile, a veteran South Carolina political reporter told (FITSNews) these Daily Gamecock staffers might want to take some time to rethink their future plans.

“Perhaps they are pursuing the wrong career path.”

Who said anything about careers or future plans? As the father of one of these students, I can tell you there is always more to the story. Any seasoned reporter like yourself should know that. You did get one thing right, “a pathetic, contemptible celebration of cowardice”, that’s exactly what FITSNews did by publishing this editorial.

If you have children, then you know it’s a great feeling when they learn to think and act for themselves; it gives me a sense of pride and relief. I know they will survive in this world because they have the courage to stand up and ask for help. There is no honor in neglecting your mental health or going at it alone.

Charlotte, N.C.



I’ve got two degrees from the University of South Carolina and am a former reporter/ columnist at The Daily Gamecock. So I know a little bit about the school – and the paper.

As for my journalistic integrity, feel free to read up on that here.

I certainly appreciate your take on this issue (and your assessment of our coverage). While we disagree, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to craft such a thoughtful, heartfelt response to our column. Exchanges like this are what the marketplace of ideas is all about.

Also, my wife and I do have kids. Six of them – with another on the way.


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