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RE: Henry McMaster’s executive orders

Dear Governor McMaster:

Please temporarily lift your ban on elective surgery. Our state’s hospitals are losing millions every day. Hospitals are laying off hundreds of employees. Our hospitals are around 15 percent occupancy rates. You can reinstate the ban on elective surgeries in about a month when the coronavirus hospitalizations peak.


Tom J. Ervin
Greenville, S.C.

FROM THE EDITOR: Tom, I agree with you. Seems the governor may have pulled the trigger on that order a bit too early. -WRF

RE: Free coronavirus coverage

Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing us to read your paper online without a subscription, in this time of crisis.

Vernon Miller

FROM THE EDITOR: Vernon, You are welcome. -WRF

RE: South Carolina Golf Courses

Dear Editor,

Please do not close the golf courses. They have been extremely proactive in sanitized carts, PVC ring in the golf hole so the ball does not descend (no contact with the cup), no rakes in bunkers.

We also bring our own wipes and wipe down the parts of the cart we touch, do not touch another players ball nor equipment and keep our distance.

Ultraviolet rays are a good weapon against the virus and the fresh air and exercise keeps us healthy.

Ann Markey

FROM THE EDITOR: Ann, Thanks for sharing! -WRF

RE: Ron Paul’s “Coronavirus Hoax” guest column

Dear Editor,

Ron Paul may be more right than he realizes.

Just today hundreds of videos hit the internet of empty hospitals, empty parking lots, empty testing sites. I’ve been shut in all month. They have almost bankrupted the nation and its workers. People living in fear.

What in the hell is going on here?


FROM THE EDITOR: The virus is obviously not a “hoax,” but the “cure versus the disease” narrative is certainly one this news outlet will continue to watch closely.

RE: “Wuhan Flu”

Dear Editor,

I don’t want my name or email associated with this but I’m very disappointed in your coverage of the CHINESE coronavirus.

When this Wuhan Flu first started you correctly called it the “2019-2020 Wuhan, China coronavirus” but then you stopped. Why did you do that? Who “got to you?” Who made you change what you called it?

I knew CNN and the other fake news were China pawns and hated America but I expected better from a “conservative” South Carolina web site. Your readers deserve an explanation.


FROM THE EDITOR: No one “got to me.” No one “made me change” what I call it. Our coronavirus coverage clearly references that the virus “originated in Wuhan, China last fall.” And as long as I am the editor, we will continue to reference its point of origin moving forward.



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