Letter: Give Robert Caslen A Chance At South Carolina

FITSNews “narrow and acute” criticism wreaks of “sour grapes …”


Dear Editor,

In response to your “Rigged Job Search” article vent, your angle (and apparent disdain for University of South Carolina leadership) comes across as narrow and acute. 

Jobs are created, and jobs are deleted. It happens all the time, in all levels of success. It’s part of the economy.

Secondly, to suggest this is a bold, out-of-the-box move is ill-considered. Why don’t we let the selected (or appointed) employee begin his job before we encircle him as the beneficiary of a good ol’ boy deal in which he has no qualification?

Maybe it’s a great move. Let’s give it some time.  This piece just reeks of sour grapes.

Third, Bob Caslen, in his first few months, has about 0.1 percent effect on whether the football team beat Clemson or Appalachian State. I’m neither a fan nor enemy of his, but he wasn’t around last year when Jake Bentley and Trevor Lawrence were battling it out on grass.  If someone offered you a position making $100,000 a year or even $200,000 a year you’d take it, even if (and especially if) you happened to know the person hiring you. 

Favors happen. Generosity and kindness are needed in the world. This isn’t hurting you. Let it play out.


Chris Sox



As we approach Christmas, I am in complete agreement with you as to the need for “generosity and kindness” in the world. But the generosity to which you are referring – of the taxpayer-funded, taxpayer-guaranteed variety – is compulsory. Which means it is not generosity, but rather a taking. As for your broader points regarding general Caslen – they are well-wagered, and we would once again point out that he has been invited on several occasions to grab the microphone and communicate his perspectives directly to our readers. Hopefully one day he will avail himself of that opportunity. In the meantime, we will continue to call it like we see it regarding his leadership of the school.

Thanks for your feedback!


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