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Charleston Court Aide Arrested For Embezzlement




A Charleston County, South Carolina court official has been arrested on embezzlement charges … and the dollar amount is going to blow your mind.

Amanda Marie Simpson, 42, of North Charleston, S.C., was slapped with one count of embezzlement of public funds on Thursday after admitting to detectives that she made off with $165 from a petty cash lock box.

Hold up … $165?  Like … with no zeroes behind it?

That’s right …

“(Court) staff determined that $165.00 was missing and there were no invoices or statements accounting for the missing money,” a statement from the Charleston County sheriff’s department noted.  “Detectives met with Ms. Simpson who confessed to taking the money and using it for her own personal use. Ms. Simpson turned herself into detectives and was charged with embezzlement of public funds. She received a $2,500 bond.”

Simpson is also probably going to lose her job … assuming she hasn’t already.

Sad.  With so much high-dollar graft and corruption in government, it’s the people who steal $165 (probably to pay their overdue bills) who get busted and have to face the music.

Don’t get us wrong … we’re not defending what Simpson did.  Nor do we think she should be allowed to keep her job.  You steal tax dollars (in any denomination), you gotta go …

We just hope ongoing efforts to hold higher dollar targets accountable for their ethical lapses bear similar fruit.  With similar swiftness.



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