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Ron Paul Institute: Nikki Haley “Completely Clueless”




U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was slammed this week by former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s organization for being “completely clueless” on the world stage.

“Just when we thought the great national embarrassment of UN Ambassador Samantha Power was over, we are suddenly faced with a new US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who almost makes Ms. Power look like a giant in world affairs and diplomacy,” the institute’s executive director Daniel McAdams noted.

Ouch …

His review didn’t get any nicer, either.

“Addressing the UN Security Council Open Debate on Conflicts in Europe (Tuesday), Ambassador Haley managed to get nearly every single point spectacularly wrong while mixing in the most banal of platitudes to further deaden the delivery,” McAdams continued.

Wow …

McAdams was referring to Haley’s ongoing efforts to blame the current Ukrainian crisis on Russia – when in fact the blame for the situation falls squarely on the administration of Barack Obama and its Nazi allies in the region.  Oh, and on George Soros (he’s guilty here too).

According to McAdams, Haley “has no clue what is happening in eastern Ukraine and so (she) has just dusted off the dusty old talking points of the Obama administration.”

A.k.a. exactly what we said three weeks ago …

McAdams also questioned U.S. president Donald Trump’s selection of Haley for this post in light of the fact that Trump “sharply (and correctly) criticized the Obama administration’s militaristic foreign policy” in Ukraine and other parts of the world during his 2016 campaign.

Clearly McAdams doesn’t know the real reason Haley was tapped for this position …

Nonetheless, his critique of her failure to conform with Trump’s promises of bringing “new people” to bear on American foreign affairs – not those with “a long history of failed policies” – is damning.

“Mr. President, I am sorry to have to inform you of this, but when it comes to Ambassador Nikki Haley, you may technically have ‘new people’ in positions but you most certainly do not have new ideas,” he wrote.

That’s for damn sure …

This website doesn’t believe America should be part of the UN.  We don’t recognize its sovereignty and we sure as hell don’t think American taxpayers should foot the bill for its ongoing operations (let alone subsidize the largest percentage of its operational, peacekeeping and humanitarian budgets).

But if our country is going to participate in this global goat show, shouldn’t our representative at least be required to toe the line laid down by our nation’s leader?  As opposed to engaging in this sort of fact-challenged freelancing in the opposite direction?

Seriously … we thought Trump appointed Haley to this post, not Obama.

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