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Henry McMaster Hosting Major Fundraiser




S.C. governor Henry McMaster – who raised $160,250 in a single day last week for his 2018 gubernatorial campaign – is looking to further fill his coffers at a major fundraising event scheduled for next month.

McMaster’s campaign is hosting a “Governor’s Ball” on Friday, March 24 at the University of South Carolina alumni center in downtown Columbia, S.C.  The event will honor the new governor and his wife, Peggy McMaster.

It is also expected to raise a ton of special interest money …

The event features four sponsorship levels – Platinum ($3,500 per person), Gold ($2,000), Silver ($1,000) and Bronze ($500).  Expect there to be no shortage of platinum, people.

McMaster’s 2018 campaign has already drawn financial support from several influential establishment donors – including former S.C. Speaker of the House David Wilkins, Nexsen Pruet chairman Leighton Lord,  BB&T state president Michael Brenan and AT&T state president Pamela Lackey.

Expect additional institutional support to follow …

Fundraisers like this one offer further evidence of the value of U.S. president Donald Trump‘s recent sop to McMaster.  When Trump appointed S.C. governor Nikki Haley to be his ambassador to the United Nations he didn’t just gift-wrap the South Carolina governor’s office for McMaster, he endowed him with the power of incumbency – and all the fundraising leverage that goes with it.

Despite this advantage, McMaster has yet to clear the 2018 GOP field …

Former S.C. lieutenant governor Yancey McGill has announced his candidacy for the 2018 GOP gubernatorial nomination, and Lowcountry, S.C. attorney Catherine Templeton has told supporters she plans on running for the post.

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