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Another Liberal SC Republican Awarded Key Budget Post




State Rep. Bill Whitmire will lead a powerful education budget writing subcommittee when lawmakers return to Columbia, S.C. next year.

The fiscally liberal lawmaker from Oconee, S.C. has been in the House for the past twelve years – rubber-stamping all sorts of mindless, unaccountable new spending.

His ascension to the K-12 subcommittee chairmanship of the S.C. House ways and means committee comes on the heels of the unexpected retirement of another liberal Republican, Kenny Bingham.

Will this personnel change result in any actual change?

No. This is a “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” situation.  Goodbye, Flotsam. Hello, Jetsam.  “High Popalorum versus Low Popahiram,” if you will.

There is plenty of animosity at the state capital in Columbia, S.C. these days, but when it comes to education policy our GOP leaders – including governor Nikki Haley – are in complete agreement.

They are going to continue pumping billions of dollars in a system that is guaranteed to continue producing abysmal outcomes.

Despite the documented failure of such an approach …

As for this website, we continue to call for the implementation of long-overdue market-based reforms – including the passage of universal parental choice legislation that would finally free our state’s future generations from the yoke of government-run failure.

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