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Lexington County Councilman Mixed Up In Domestic Drama




A Lexington County, S.C. councilman was involved in a domestic dispute on Sunday – just one day after his scheduled wedding.

It’s not clear yet whether Lexington councilman Phillip Yarborough has been arrested in connection with the incident, which reportedly involved his new wife Gretchen Pawloski and her father, Glen Pawloski.

Yarborough and Pawloski were married on Saturday at a ceremony at the Lace House on the grounds of the South Carolina governor’s mansion.

So far we’ve only been told that law enforcement personnel responded to a complaint involving the councilman and that an arrest was made shortly thereafter.

Yarborough, a Republican, was elected two years ago – despite being arrested just days prior to the November election.

In late October 2014, he was apprehended in the Five Points region of downtown Columbia, S.C. and charged with public drunkenness and jaywalking.  Incident reports indicated he was “grossly intoxicated” at the time of his arrest (around 3:00 a.m.) and became “hostile” with authorities after he was transported to the Alvin S. Glenn detention center.

Yarborough, 35, represents the St. Andrews and Irmo areas of Lexington County.  He is a politically-connected homebuilder.  Pawloski is a dentist who owns her own business in Irmo.

We’ll be sure to update this report in the event we are able to uncover any additional information.

UPDATE: According to the Lexington County sheriff’s office, Yarborough was arrested Sunday and charged with “malicious injury to animals, personal property.” He has a court appearance scheduled for December 3.

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