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SC Senate Race Makes National List




Inman, S.C. mayor Cornelius Huff‘s bid to oust veteran liberal lawmaker Glenn Reese has attracted some national attention.

Huff’s campaign against Reese for S.C. Senate District 11 (map here) has attracted the attention of the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC).

According to the organization – which exists to “elect Republicans to multiple down-ballot, state-level offices” – Huff’s race is one of sixty-four state legislative contests across the country it is highlighting.

“Our candidates represent educators, healthcare professionals, small business owners and more, and their wide array of experiences and qualifications will prove critical in steering policy discussions and crafting effective, conservative legislation,” RSLC president Matt Walter said in a statement.

Huff certainly fits that bill.  In addition to his political office, he is a first responder, firefighter and paramedic – currently serving as crew chief of Spartanburg County’s emergency medical services.

Huff began volunteering at his local fire department when he was just eleven years old.

“Huff is challenging a 25-year incumbent Democrat in a district Mitt Romney carried in 2012,” RSLC noted of the race.

Can he win?  We’ll find out soon …

We’ve been writing about Huff’s candidacy for some time now … it’s nice to see him receiving some positive ink nationally.

(Banner via Travis Bell Photography)