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Upstate Mayor Running Against Liberal State Senator




We don’t get how Glenn Reese is still a South Carolina Senator …

Seriously: The guy is a flaming liberal and yet he continues to get elected in one of the most conservative regions of the state.  Apparently he expects 2016 will be no different, too …

But will it?

Cornelius Huff, currently serving in his first term as mayor of Inman, S.C. (Reese’s hometown), has announced his intention to run as a GOP candidate against the 26-year incumbent Democrat.  In fact Huff’s campaign kickoff event for S.C. Senate District 11 (map here) has been scheduled for February 16 in Inman.

A former city councilman, Huff is already out organizing – and raising money.  He’s also well-known and well-regarded in the district as a first responder, firefighter and paramedic – currently serving as crew chief of Spartanburg County’s emergency medical services.

Based upon a quick glance at the voter file, Reese shouldn’t be considered a shoo-in for another term.  Within this district are approximately 15,000 “Republican” households – compared to fewer than 10,000 reliable Democratic households.

That means this could be one of the more competitive races to watch this fall …

Making matters even more interesting?  Huff is black – like roughly thirty percent of his would-be constituents.  If he can mount even a reasonably effective outreach effort, Reese could be in real trouble.