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GOP “Liberty” Caucus Hosting Convention




There are so many meaningless labels in American politics that it’s become virtually impossible for us to keep track of all of them. Certainly the label “Republican” has become utterly devoid of all value … which is why we employ “air quotes” whenever we use the term.

But then there are terms like “conservative” and “tea party” and “liberty” that have become similarly watered down/ misapplied/ co-opted.

Bottom line?  Judge an elected official, candidate or organization by its votes or policy positions – and then hold them accountable for both.

Also, ask for definitions.  If someone tells you they are a “Republican” or a “conservative” or “pro-liberty” or anything else … ask them what that label means to them.

Then ask them to “show their work.”

Anyway … all this is by way of introducing the 2016 S.C. Republican Liberty Caucus State Convention, which is being held in downtown Columbia, S.C. this month.

Appearing at the convention?  S.C. Senator Tom Davis – whose credentials on a host of pro-liberty, pro-free market issues are impeccable.  For example, Davis has led the push to decriminalize the use of medical marijuana in the Palmetto State – which literally cannot happen soon enough for some families.  Davis has also led the fight against an unnecessary gas tax increase in each of the last two sessions of the S.C. General Assembly.

Joining Davis in speaking at the convention will be S.C. Rep.-elect Josiah Magnuson and Jeff Davis, a controversial figure in the state’s school choice movement.

Interested in attending?  This year’s convention will be held at the Capstone Conference Center (902 Barnwell Street) on the campus of the University of South Carolina beginning at 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, September 24.

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