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Party Unity … Out The Window




Independent socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont made an impassioned plea for party unity at this week’s Democratic national convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How was it received?

Not well.  In fact his own supporters booed him.

The following day, Sanders made it abundantly clear where he came down on the issue of “party unity,” telling reporters he would be returning to the U.S. Senate as an independent, not a Democrat.

“I was elected an independent,” Sanders said.

To be clear, Sanders has been an independent since 1979 – describing himself as a “Democratic Socialist.”  Of course he backtracked on that independent streak as he sought the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I am a Democrat and running for the Democratic nomination,” he said earlier this year.

Apparently he’s not a Democrat anymore … and based on the way the party treated him, who can blame him?