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Your Money Is Funding Anti-Marijuana Billboards




Last month this website exposed how state government in South Carolina was spending federal money to propagandize against marijuana.  Sadly, these taxpayer-funded efforts have been successful … as a State Senate panel recently rejected a limited, long-overdue medical marijuana expansion.

Sad …

People in the Palmetto State (here and here) have legitimate medical needs that medical cannabis has been proven effective at addressing.  Even the U.S. surgeon general – the highest health official in the land – has stated publicly that “medical marijuana can be helpful.”

Why did state Senators – led by former “majority” leader Harvey Peeler – block this bill and allow these people to continue suffering?

Good question …

We’ve heard several theories, and we’re working now to follow up on some credible tips … none of which are looking especially good for Peeler.

In the meantime government-subsidized propaganda (like the Greenville, S.C. billboard above) continue draining taxpayers of their money in defensive of a costly, failed war.

Marijuana is not a “dangerous drug.”  Don’t believe us?  Take a look at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)’s own data on the subject …

(Click to enlarge)

drug stats

(Chart: DEA)

Yeah …

What’s “dangerous?” Bought-and-paid for politicians using our money to continue demonizing/ criminalizing marijuana (with deadly consequences) – all so the wealthy pharmaceutical companies lining their pockets can maintain their market position.