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Spartanburg Tax Hike Passes




Voters in Spartanburg, S.C. approved a massive tax hike on homes, vehicles and commercial/ rental property this week – despite numerous questions about the proposal.

We detailed some of those concerns in this story, but it was clearly too little, too late.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, the tax hike received 4,524 votes – or 63 percent of ballots cast.  Only 2,667 voters – or 27 percent of those participating in this low-turnout affair – cast “no” ballots.

Frankly, this election showcases everything that’s wrong with Palmetto politics … not to mention the far left’s playbook for depriving citizens of more of their money.

It went a little something like this …

  • Overpaid bureaucrats neglected maintenance obligations, then commissioned a costly study to create the “need” for new facilities.
  • Politically connected officials with a direct stake in the tax hike pushed for its passage.
  • The tax hike referendum was placed on the ballot for the middle of March … guaranteeing low turnout.
  • Fine print financials regarding the long-term tax impact of the referendum were ignored.
  • Local media served as cheerleaders for the tax hike – flat out refusing to investigate conflicts or expose its financial particulars.

Usually, taxpayers at least have a fighting chance against such campaigns … but not this time.

Local “limited government” groups like the Spartanburg Tea Party did very little real work in this election, leaving a handful of activists to fend for themselves.

They never had a chance …

As a result, South Carolina will see the construction of more cathedrals of failure to house its abysmal government-run education system – while the special interests who pushed this deal through will reap big rewards for their advocacy.

It’s a “great day in South Carolina.”

Unless you’re a student or a taxpayer …