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The Marco Rubio Death Watch




“I understand people are angry and frustrated. Anger can motivate us, but it shouldn’t define us. Anger is not a plan.”

That was Marco Rubio on his Facebook page earlier today …

He’s speaking, of course, to the “Republican” electorate – echoing the failed attacks of his establishment compatriot Nikki Haley, who has been telling the GOP to simmer down as she escalates the party’s assaults on Donald Trump, the insurgent candidate who got them so riled up in the first place.

Rubio’s “angry and frustrated” remark might as well have been directed at the status quo legions livid at “The Donald,” though.  And their lack of a plan.

Because the GOP electorate sure as hell isn’t listening to him anymore …

According to the latest Sunshine State polling, Rubio trails Trump by at least fifteen percentage points in winner-take-all Florida – where a whopping 99 delegates to the GOP convention are on the line. And “The Donald” is taking no chances – running an absolute “nut-cutter” of an ad against the state’s junior U.S Senator.

Rubio’s unraveling – which came despite the full-on embrace of the GOP’s next generation of establishment politicians – is astonishing.

“The Rubio campaign is on its last legs, stumbling dehydrated and desperate through the Florida Everglades like the heroine in the second act of a Carl Hiaasen novel, trying to stay one step ahead of the bloodhounds who want nothing more than to drag the Florida senator into the swamp and tear his throat out, or at least convince him to join with Ted Cruz on some sort of unity ticket to stop Donald Trump, which might be an even worse fate,” wrote Gary Legum for Salon.

An even more damning indictment came courtesy of Jonathan Chait of The Daily Intelligencer, who chronicled how various “conservative” news outlets were advocating for – then abandoning – Rubio. All in a matter of days.

“This is the second time Rubio tried to save his party from a mortal threat only to immolate his own ambitions in the process,” Chait wrote. “In 2013, Republican insiders, fearing the long-term danger of demographic obsolescence, called upon him to lead the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. At first, Rubio’s prominent role seemed to make him the Republican savior; by 2014, the base had turned against him and his presidential prospects lay in ruins. Remarkably, he managed to rebuild his standing after disavowing his own bill. But he again offered himself up to take on a mortal (and this time, more immediate) threat to the party’s well-being in the form of a Trump nomination. And again, a giddy flurry of apparent success was followed by humiliating collapse.”

“The 2016 campaign is almost certainly not the end of Rubio’s political career,” Chait added.  “But he needs to stop listening to his so-called friends.”

The rapidity of Rubio’s descent has been truly breathtaking to behold. Seriously, this was the cover of Time magazine … less than three weeks ago.

(Click to enlarge)

rubio time

(Pic via Time)

Yeah …

People are angry and frustrated … Rubio’s got that right. They are angry and frustrated at politicians like him.