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Lexington SC Sheriff Seeks “Mail Thief”




Sheriff’s deputies in Lexington County, S.C. are on the hunt for a mail thief … one using mailboxes to perpetrate identity fraud.

“The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has noticed an increase in the theft of mail from residential mailboxes,” a release from the department noted.  “There have been several reports of outgoing mail being stolen from mailboxes. There have been several reports in the Irmo area.”

Irmo?  That’s right around the corner from this website’s world headquarters …

It gets worse, too …

“The criminals in these cases are stealing the checks to commit fraudulent transactions with your account number,” the release continued.  “The criminals are also using your identity information to commit identity theft crimes; such as opening accounts in your name, etc.”

Wow …

Authorities are urging citizens in the area to take several steps to protect themselves, including “promptly (removing) mail from your mailbox after delivery.”  Residents are also encouraged to have their mail held while they are on vacation, and to refrain from mailing “bills or letters with your identity information in them.”

“Always deposit your mail in a mail slot inside your local post office, or hand it to your letter carrier,” the sheriff’s office advices.