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Nikki Haley Used That High Heels Line Again …



One of our very best sources for incisive, unfiltered political analysis is a veteran Washington, D.C. political operative … and yes, we know … that could be anybody.

Which is kinda the point …

Anyway, our “DC op” has been less-than-impressed by S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s recent reemergence on the national scene.  In fact he was especially underwhelmed by her recent remarks in support of Marco Rubio, the “Republican” establishment’s new favorite for the GOP presidential nomination.

In endorsing Rubio this week, Haley ditched her usual hooker boots for high heels … and then proceeded to trot out a line that’s very familiar to “First in the South” voters.

“Politics in South Carolina is blood sport,” Haley said.  “I wear heels not as a fashion statement but because you have to be prepared to kick at any time.”

Given this website’s shoe fetish, we found Haley’s recycled remark to be one of the only tolerable things about her latest status quo servitude.

DC op?  He was not impressed ….

“How the hell is she going to ‘kick’ someone with her heels?” he asked.  “Is she a donkey?”

Well, based on her education plan, her non-existent budget vetoes, and her big gubmint approach to “economic development …”

Anyway …

“The country is going to hell and she’s talking about her shoes,” DC op continued.  “And (Donald) Trump is the unserious one?”

That’s a good point.  Politically-speaking, though, we responded that a certain subset of the GOP electorate ate up Haley’s rhetoric.  Hence her employment of it.

Again, he was having none of it …

“It’s the same subset that at 30-years-old still goes to Disney World to meet the Disney Princesses and squeals like they are six,” he respoinded.  “This morning I saw some idiot comment on Facebook about how Marco and Nikki ‘are our JFK and Jackie!’  Maybe this fool knows something we don’t.”


But seriously, folks …

“To about a quarter of Republican primary voters, America is in great shape – and anything that needs to be fixed requires only the equivalent of a really cool student class president,” he said, citing Rubio, Haley and recently-elected U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“These people want Camelot,” he added.  “They aren’t serious.  They just want to sit on their asses taking two-hour lunch breaks on the taxpayer’s or the donors’ dimes – looking down on all the little people while they shop online for Nikki Haley’s knock-off shoes.”


“That’s why (Jeb) Bush is so pissed,” he continued.  “He’s supposed to be next in line to head the fraternity.  He’s a legacy for God’s sake!  Instead this damn Freshman is usurping his rightful place on the homecoming court.”

Too funny … and (sadly) too close to home.