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Chip Limehouse Slams FITSNews … Again




This website was the first media outlet in the state to report on a bizarre incident last month involving an alleged confrontation between S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse and the bureaucrats charged with “restoring” the H.L. Hunley Confederate submarine.

It’s still not exactly clear what went down between the lawmaker – who is giving up his seat in the S.C. House at the end of his current term – and the staff at Clemson University’s “Restoration Institute.”  We’re told Limehouse showed up at the government-funded facility with a film crew, and was approached by agency staff – at which point some sort of quarrel ensued.

In subsequent reporting, we’ve actually come down on Limehouse’s side regarding the incident – arguing that whatever he was doing outside the public facility, he had a right to be there.

“Seriously: Where does a government entity get off thinking it can hassle people on public property?  Telling them they can’t take pictures on public property?” we wrote.  “We have no clue what Limehouse was (or is) up to … but he was well within his rights in this situation.”

Apparently, our views on the matter didn’t appease the rotund “Republican” – who has been on the receiving end of our derision for several years given his reputation as one of the largest (and we mean “largest”) fiscal liberals at the S.C. State House.

In an interview with Charleston, S.C.-based journalist Quintin Washington, Limehouse blasted this website in the aftermath of our reporting on his recent run-in.

Washington attempted to ask Limehouse a question about the incident, citing our report and an account published in a local alternative weekly.

“You’re quoting FITSNews?” Limehouse interrupted, incredulously.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Washington responding, laughing.

“Is that news?” Limehouse asked.  “Are you serious – you think that’s news?”

Washington again laughed, telling Limehouse “I’m staying out of that one.”

“Well you are quoting a blog,” Limehouse continued.  “Make it that clear you are quoting a blog.  It’s not sourced – typically.”

You can take a look at the exchange here …

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Funny …

Limehouse has ripped this website previously … and gotten it wrong.

Curiously … after criticizing us this time, he recounts a description of the incident that pretty much matches our original reporting. Then he offers up pretty much the same argument we made in defending him – invoking us by name.

“Even FITS News, I think, agreed with (my) position,” he said.

Sheesh …

Did somebody fall off of one of his polo ponies again and hit his head?