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SC Lawmaker Involved In Confederate Submarine Dust-Up




A South Carolina lawmaker is livid after being told to leave the parking lot of a government-owned facility.

S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse was told to leave the premises of the Clemson University building which houses the H.L. Hunley – a Confederate submarine which has received millions of South Carolina tax dollars since it was raised from the bottom of Charleston harbor in 2000.

According to our sources, Limehouse – who has announced his intention to step down from the S.C. General Assembly at the end of his current term – arrived at Clemson’s so-called “Restoration Institute” earlier this week with a film crew.

What happened next is unclear …

Sources close to the school tell us Limehouse and his film crew were attempting to gain access to the building – at which point they were rebuffed.  Specifically, they were informed by school officials that access to the site was “restricted.”

“Apparently (Limehous) showed his ass big time,” one source told us.

Sources close to Limehouse tell us that’s not how things went down at all …

According to these sources, Limehouse and his crew never attempted to enter the building.  Instead, they were “accosted” in the parking lot by school officials.  It’s not clear exactly what Limehouse and his crew intended to film … or why their presence in the parking lot created such consternation.

We’ll let readers know if we get any additional information about this bizarre exchange …

This website has consistently opposed the expenditure of tax dollars on the restoration of the Hunley – arguing such an undertaking should be conducted by the private sector.  We have also consistently opposed spending tax dollars on other Confederate memorabilia – arguing that such purchases do not represent core functions of government.