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North Korea Launches Long-Range Missile




The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – a.k.a. North Korea – has taken a major step forward in its nuclear weapons program, apparently launching a long-range, intercontinental missile that could conceivably deliver nuclear payloads all the way to the mainland of the United States.

The launch comes a month after the socialist monarchy – led by trash-talking dictator Kim Jong-Un – said it detonated a hydrogen bomb (although this claim has been widely rebuked by international experts).

United Nations’ officials were notified in advance of the launch – which North Korea claimed was an effort to put an earth observation satellite into orbit.  The projectile reportedly originated from a military facility in the northwest region of the country before passing over southern Japan.  Its first stage separated successfully, according to South Korean observers.

It didn’t take long for “Republican” presidential candidates – gathered for a debate in New Hampshire – to respond to the situation.

“North Korea’s missile launch is completely unacceptable and not only violates Security Council resolutions but further signals that this rogue regime has no interest in constructive, normal international relations,” Ohio governor John Kasich said in a statement.  “The United States must act decisively to contain this threat by deploying anti-missile systems that protect our regional allies, and by banning North Korea from the world financial system so it can’t profit from its missile sales.”

Kasich also criticized the administration of Barack Obama for its “do-nothing” policy toward North Korea.

North Korea’s missile launch comes three years after its official news agency released a Call of Duty ripoff video depicting the destruction of New York City.

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